About Community Founders

Hello, my name is Mrithula Jothi. I am currently an 8th grader at Winston Churchill Middle School under the IB program in Sacramento, California. I’ve been vigorously participating in debate for the past two years. Last year (my first year of debate) my team and I went to Nor-Cal with a 3-1 record in all League competitions. I have been acknowledged for individual speaker points many times, and went 4-0 with a 2nd place position in my last competition. We also placed 2nd in our most recent competition (I placed 3rd for individual) and my team has also qualified for 2016 Nationals.

After spending so much time evaluating and analyzing the art of debate, I realized that it cannot be boiled down to a mere algorithm, instead I view debate as an art. My vision is to bring the global student community together for collaborative learning, research and innovation on debate. I have come to the conclusion that expressing ones opinion, or arguing for what one believes in is vital to any students future, which is why I believe in providing them with this platform to assist their debate career and allow them to thrive in their different career paths.

My name is Mai-Thanh Nguyen. I am a high schooler at Vista Del Lago in California. I participated in parliamentary debate for three years. During those three years, I have won two gavels (one for league and another for the Claremont Mckenna summer tournament) and qualified twice for NorCal Cup and the National MSPDP tournament. Furthermore, my teammates and I won the NorCal tournament overall. Currently, I have begun to do impromptu speaking.

However, debate is not just about winning but rather being able to use the skills you learn from public speaking to apply in all fields of life. I hope that this website will fuel your passion for debate and also dramatically inspire you to use the ample knowledge you have to aid others.


Prepare to Debate, a global platform for debater by debater. Our community strongly believes, effective communication is the foundation for any professional career and personal life. Debating can help you to develop clear communication and many other capabilities such as reasoning, deep research, body language, eye contact, countering, robust analysis, points of information, listening, speaking and much more.

Our community offers the best way that students can prepare to compete in the debate League tournaments. Our community gathers a range of interesting individuals together to meander debaters trough practical coaching and also we invite guests to our debates.

Our community understands the changes in the world, to keep us up to date, we conduct deep research on social, economical and political issues. Our community members will get an opportunity to participate such research and innovation.

Our debate platform empowered by advanced technologies, we use collaboration tools to connect students across the globe for debate practice, knowledge sharing, community contribution and information sharing.



  • I'd like students from all location to come and join our community, of all schools. It's a great opportunity to learn diverse range of views on a specific topics.
  • Together are can build a global debate community
  • Members always get more
  • Membership is free & it’s easy

Our Current Debate Topics

We have been debating several topics, these are our current debate topics and we are open to debate any topics that you may interested to debate.

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